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PHR is a family based company that has specialised in security grilles and gates since 1974. Being London based, we also have presence in Thame, Oxfordshire which enables us to eficiently provide a full range of service between London and Oxford.

While PHR offers a supply-only service which is suitable for trade, we began to grow our supply-and-install service to the public some time ago due to a frequent demand to offer a service to the public which is in tune with the manufacturing. Our position allows great efficieny in time and cost, while delivering high quality products to suit requirements and specification for a range of specific and distinct use cases.

Grille & Gate Specialists

As our sole purpose we simply specialise in the manufacture, supply and install of security grille and gate products. We have experience in understanding many areas of requirements, including:

  • Security and insurance specification
  • IT data storage and compute facilities protection
  • Residential aesthetics
  • Commercial and industrial

With a good understanding of our customers, we also have a history of working closely with a range of suppliers and have a good understanding of materials and sources for making changes.

Areas Covered

Whilst we can reach many locations where feasible, our full scale from small to large sized projects cover London and the M40 corridor towards Oxfordshire. This includes south east of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, and Hertfordshire, including towns and cities of Aylesbury, Ammersham, Beaconsfield, High Wycombe and Maidenhead.

If you are in doubt about whether we can cover your location then please feel welcome to contact us with any details and we will gladly respond.

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