Installers & Manufacturers of
Security Grilles in Buckinghamshire
since 1974.

Specialists in securing windows and doors with a full range of security grille and gate products in the Buckinghamshire and High Wycombe area.
Manufacturing and installing our own products keeps our prices low.

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security bar grille window
Survey to provide advice and options for window & door security

From experience with insurance specifications and crime prevention officers, we understand the best way to give advice.

Designed to absolutely suit your tailored requirements.

Each job is manufactured and installed to suit your specific needs. We manufacture, so we can simply make changes as needed.

Single point of contact for management and craft.

Surveyed, manufactured and installed, often by the same person.

Security Grille High Wycombe

Window Security Bar Grilles,
Fixed and Hinged Options available

Fabricated from solid steel and powder coated for durability, we design and install security bar grilles for internal and external requirements. We specialise in insurance and high specification grilles expecially suited for securing IT data and compute facilities, along with a focus on any other specification or purpose.

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Collapsible Security Gates,
for windows and doors.

Made from the thickest suitable materials available, our collapsible gates are a perfect choice for aesthetics and usability in mind. They are suitable for securing both windows and doors, locking using the our security grille lock made for retractable gates. They are galvanised to prevent rust, then a powder coated finish is added on top.

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PHR Collapsible Gate
security mesh grille

Security Mesh Grilles
Internally or externally designed and fitted.

A range of mesh is available to proivide a secure barrier to stop people, and small sized objects reaching through the protected area.

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We Manufacture Our Own

High Detail

Surveyed, designed, manufactured and installed, often by the same person.

Friendly Prices

Dealing direct with us cuts out the middleman. We provide an efficient service and purchase raw materials direct form suppliers.

No time-confusing

We have great control over managing our contingencies, enabling us to serve you best.

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